Internal Medicine and Hypertension Specialist ( Etas Clinic, P.C.)

Diligent Care is a Right !

Diligent Care

The health care landscape is full of care givers with varied approaches as to how care should be given. From the drive-through care to the rationed care that some entities will want you to have. Etas Clinic care is different because care at our facility is personalized.

Personalized care means that you are not seen in a heated rush - you are given enough time to express yourself and ask questions. Individualizing the relationship with each patient is better medicine and we believe it is more satisfying to both physician and patient.

In contrast to other health care practices, Etas Clinic, will always call you with your laboratory results and give appropriate counsel.

Health maintenance is an ongoing event that requires that your doctor counsel you about healthy life styles and discuss preventative health measures. These are some of the issues that constitute diligent care. You should expect diligent care as a right for the fee you pay. This is what Etas Clinic offers you.