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Internal Medicine and Hypertension

Internal Medicine deals with the whole range of adult healthcare excluding surgery and gynecology

Hypertension is a new subspeciality of Internal Medicine as designated by American Society of Hypertension with intent to prevent the attendant complications of heart attack and failure, strokes and kidney failure. This also involves the management of all the associated risk factors of hypertension.

Public perception of personal health threats is heavily skewed towards cancer rather than cardiovascular disease. The reality is that 1 death in 29 among women is attributable to breast cancer, while 1 in 2.4 is caused by cardiovascular disease. This means that you are 12 times more likely to die from heart attack, stroke, heart failure or kidney failure than breast cancer if you are female.

If your blood pressure is not consistently below 135/85, you may want to ask your doctor why it is not? If you have concerns click on the next link for immediate answers!

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Ekong Eta, M.D..,M.Sc.


Dr. Eta is board-certified in Internal Medicine and holds a masters degree in Pharmacology. Dr. Eta is certified as a Clinical Hypertension Specialist by American Society of Hypertension (ASH) and has 30 years practice track record.


The whole patient is our primary concern and we pride ourselves on providing personal and friendly care. We are dedicated to fully educating you about your health needs, and strive to be your partner in health. We also provide subspecialty care in hypertension and its attendant risk factors. If you are interested in online consultation, click on link for fee based consultation. Diligent Care Etas Clinic recognizes that health is wealth but time is also money, so if you do not have time waiting in a doctor's office, you have an option! Click on Diligent Care above to read about our care philosophy and why we are different.

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